Internal Audit’s Role in Diversity & Inclusion

  • How diverse is your governing body?
  • Does it include women and people of color?
  • How about people of different ages and professional backgrounds?
  • Does your organization have a documented plan for diversity?
  • Does the plan include SMART goals?
  • Does the plan list metrics to measure progress toward their diversity goals?
  • Does your organization monitor progress toward diversity goals?
  • Does your organization include a way for stakeholders to anonymously report concerns and wrongdoing?
  • Are these reports monitored, and thorough investigations conducted?
  • Is appropriate action taken on all substantiated allegations?
  • Is the governing body appropriately informed of the most serious allegations?
  • Are reports monitored to create trending data to indicate troubled areas within the organization?
  • Do employees feel physically safe from harm in their workspace?
  • Do employees enjoy a workplace free from harassment or discrimination?
  • Does your organization have a social media policy?
  • Are all social media posts by the company properly reviewed for compliance, relevance, and appropriateness prior to posting?
  • Are personal posts made by employees taken into account when considering the organization’s culture?




Catholic. Dog Dad. Internal Auditor. Views expressed are my own.

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Chase Hawkins

Chase Hawkins

Catholic. Dog Dad. Internal Auditor. Views expressed are my own.

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